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Leading Cardamom Wholesaler


Looking for Best Cardamom Wholesalers in Bodinayakanur? YS SPICES is the Leading cardamom wholesaler in bodinayakanur. We have all grades of cardamom. Following are the Cardamom Grades we have,

  • 8MM+ Cardamom
  • 7.5MM Cardamom
  • 6.5MM Cardamom
  • 6MM Cardamom
  • Pan Quality
  • Cardamom Seed
  • Cardamom Fruit

Get Today Cardamom Price In Bodinayakanur

We are providing High Quality Green Cardamom at affordable prices. Call or Whatsapp Us @ +91 9544346889 to get Cardamom price in Bodinayakanur. Depends up on Cardamom Grading; the Green Cardamom Price will vary.

Best Cardamom Dealer in Bodinayakanur

Since 2002, YS SPICES has been the best cardamom dealer in Bodinayakanur. As we are Cardamom traders in Bodi , we can provide Bulk Cardamom in vast quantities. We also do cardamom grading to provide the best quality cardamoms. Bulk Cardamom price Vary on its colour , percentage of 8mm in it , Cardamom price in bodinayakanur YS SPICES varies on market fluctuations.

Buy Cardamom in Bulk

YS SPICES is the biggest manufacturer of cardamom In Idukki,Kerala, So we can get bulk cardamom at an affordable price.Buy Cardamom in Bulk from YS SPICES with High Quality and Best Rate.

Cardamom Grading and Cleaning at YS SPICES

we are grading cardamom based on Size, Weight and Colour. We are providing highest grade cardamom 8MM to the lowest grade of 6MM respectively. We are also doing the cleaning process manually to ensure 100% quality. We have a Cardamom grading Machine to separate cardamom in different grades.

We are the Cardamom Dealer for the following Locations.

  • Cardamom dealers in Theni
  • Cardamom dealers in Chennai
  • Cardamom dealers in Kerala
  • Cardamom dealers in Idukki
  • Cardamom dealers in Hyderabad
  • Cardamom dealers in Delhi
  • Cardamom dealers in Bangalore
  • Cardamom dealers in Coimbatore
  • Cardamom dealers in Rajasthan
  • Cardamom dealers in Kochi
  • Cardamom dealers in Mumbai
  • Cardamom dealers in Kumily
  • Cardamom dealers in Kolkata
  • Cardamom dealers in Tamil Nadu

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