Pure Cardamom for Wholesale in Kerala


GREEN SPICES supplies the best, fresh and pure cardamom for wholesale in Kerala. For bulk orders approach us. Very aromatic and also grown using organic methods.

Our cardamom makes your dessert extra special. Cardamom is one of the special spices of India. In fact it is also crowned as Queen of Spices! The climates of the tropical forests, the unique ecosystem of the forest bees & other co-existing elements give the cardamom its distinctive flavor, aroma and also taste. Imagining biryani and other delicacies without cardamom gives us a nightmare. So cardamom plays an important role in every Indian kitchen.

We are the best cardamom producer and wholesale supplier in Kerala. Also got many medicinal values. Cardamom powder is used as a spice for sweet dishes, as well as traditional flavoring in tea and coffee.

We are the premium wholesale supplier of cardamom in Kerala. We also supply bulk orders to other states and export to other countries. Our cardamom pods are larger in size . Also cardamom produces pure cardamom oil.

● Intense aroma
● Grown using organic methods
● Large pods
● Processed with latest machinery


It has got many health benefits and medicinal values. So, consumption of cardamom is very important and beneficial. Cardamom fights bad breath and prevents cavities. Helps with digestive problems and also ulcers, contains cancer fighting compounds. May lower blood pressure also reduce nausea and vomiting.


● Products get delivered at the right time
● Hand picked with love and care
● Customer satisfaction is very important for us
● 100% standard and assured quality
● Reasonable price guaranteed
● Business ethics and values are followed
● Free from pesticides, additives used for color and flavor

So once you start buying from us you’ll always buy from us. In fact the more you buy the less the cost. Satisfied customers make us feel complete.


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